Oskilator – Rubato

Rubato is released in 2020 on Methlab

Oskilator was a project by Durk Kooistra & Bart Knol. Rubato was the last track Durk and me made together. Some (technical) background information on how we created this:

We started with a sliced drumloop where we randomly changed pitch and transient decay at the same time and recorded the result. Then we created this repeating dronesound with Kontakt and I improvised the melodic part on top of it. Because the lfo is retriggered with every note, offbeat rhythmic patterns started happening. We edited some of that afterwards but the final melodic sequence is 90% improvised.

Then we added more parts like bass & fender rhodes.. we had Rubato v1 finished in one evening which for us was unique because our other projects could take ages to finish. In the weeks after v1 I worked on the string-parts and v2 was born. I still think it’s the best track we created and it’s also very personal to me.

Meanwhile, enjoy the other Oskilator-tracks in the playlist as well… Kong & Khan are my personal favs

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