Longplayers 12″ Releases

Longplayers released several 12″ partly on our own label Futureline Records.
‘Your Break is Gonna Come’ was the 1st release on that label; scroll down to have a listen.

The Lovebreakz-release with Diabolik (which was also featured on our album Intercom) was certainly one of the best releases we did.

Last youtube-link on this page is the bootleg remix we did of an old Prodigy-track.


Your Break is Gonna Come, don’t loose it on the run..

This one is the 1st remix we ever did. I don’t know how/why this ended up on a trancemusic compilation.

Android is a very old and relatively unknown track by The Prodigy. The other side of this EP contained a remix of Firestarter (but I think this one is better)

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