Hello and welcome!

When people ask me “where can I listen to your music” I never had one clear answer. So I made this page to create an overview of stuff I have been doing the last decades.

Check the discography-section for a list of EP’s and albums I have worked on; most of them have Spotify- or Youtube-links on the detail page so you can actually listen to the music!

Creating awesome sounds in the studio.

As a kid I played a few instruments like flute, glockenspiel & organ, but nothing really grabbed my attention. That changed when I started creating electronic music with Modedit in 1994. This 4-channel 8-bit application was my first experience in producing tracks. Later on I joined tracker-groups like Blacktron and Explizit and music of this period can still be found in dusty corners of the internet (scroll down to the bottom of the discography-section to have a listen if you dare :))

In 1997/1998 I got infected by a breakbeat-virus and that resulted in the foundation of the Longplayers. With the Longplayers I won the Grote Prijs van Nederland (cat. dance) in 1999. I also bought my first synthesizer that year and I remember it had a trigger-function, hence the nickname trigg 🙂 Longplayers performed with a full band through the Netherlands and released EP’s, Albums and 12″ vinyl‘s.

After years of dance-music I started to gain more interest in other genres and I tried improving my piano skills. In 2006 I released my first solo record called Outside Vision where I played keys, guitar, clarinet and more. I released a dreamy sequel called Soil in 2008 and experimented with lofi samples in Beige (2011). I composed a solo piano-record as Bartois and found videos with my pianomusic all over the internet. I worked with a mate on electrofunk as BOiLER and made a lot of fun with the eclectic pop-duo Knol & de Kok.

I didn’t say goodbye to the beats because in 2008 I started Gritt; a dubstep-alias. Gritt brought me to France with the Hell Yeah EP. The remix (bootleg) I did of NWA’s Chin Check gained huge popularity on Soundcloud. I did more bass/electronic music with the duo Oskilator and tried 4-to-da-floor-beats with another friend as Fat Lemon / Aerial 51 / Sonolog / Mambatron (we couldn’t decide on a right name for the project ;))

Around 2010 I started to do a lot of jams with all kind of musicians in any genre we could think of. During these sessions I met Erik van Geer and we started the dark / cinematic-jazz duo Trigg & Gusset. Our first album Legacy of the Witty was released in 2013. We also did a few perfomances with a full liveband and released Adagio for the Blue in 2015, The Way In in 2020 and Black Ocean in 2021

trigg & gusset live
Trigg & Gusset live in 2016

The jamsessions continued in Rotterdam and currently I’m part of the Keilejam Collectief. A group which performs live on stage with fully improvised music. I play keys, bass guitar and sometimes percussion and melodica.

What did I forget? Oh yeah, I made a disco/italo/pop 12″ release as Yellocat in 2015 and if you want to see me turn knobs & sliders you can watch some live improvised soundscapes here. I’m working on another soundscape project with Jurren Mekking and we did a Playing Apart Together project during the lockdown.

Last but not least, I’m currently making demo’s for Sound Dust and Rhythmic Robot. Those companies make great instruments, so if you’re a musician/producer yourself be sure to check them out.

Bart Knol (trigg)

At a Dutch Synthforum-meeting trying to replace a snare on a Digitakt while other forum members are making random noise. Picture by Napaudio